Tribute to Leonard Cohen with my father


This November my father was in town for a brief visit. It was the first time we had seen each other for 6 months as I have recently moved to the United States. We decided to make the most of our time together and we recorded ‘Dance Me’ up in Calabasas with our friend and engineer Lewey Melchor. It was poignant timing and I’m grateful to have this recording to share with you as a tribute to this beautiful song and this powerful man.






$64,000 for Camp Quest!!!

This year as part of their annual Braodcast-a-thon Dogma Debate raised over $64,000 during their 24 hours of interviews. It was an incredible effort. They raised the money this year for Camp Quest A Summer [...]

I’ve joined PATREON!!!

I've joined PATREON!!!! You can now become a monthly subscriber to receive all of my music. A subscription model is fantastic way to support the music and musicians that you love. I currently release a [...]

Weekly Music News on iheartradio with Noise11

I was very happy to get to chat with Paul Cashmere on the iheartradio weekly music news with Noise11 Thanks to Noise11 for having me on the show....which included an interview with Glen Ballard! Glen [...]