An Atheist Album

Over the last few years I have become involved in the secular movement.

I feel quite impassioned by the fact that some laws are in place solely to appease the religious lobby. (eg: Marriage Inequality, Euthanasia, Abortion)

I feel as though many ethical discussions that our community needs to have are held back because of irrational and unscientific ideas.
I think that generally people are not taught how to think critically and logically, which is becoming an increasingly important skill in the increasingly dynamic society in which we live, where the decisions we make today can have deep consequences for our future.
The debate between religious and secular world-views is nothing new. I have written this album firstly as an expression of my honest response to these issues.

Also, I hope to bring this essential and interesting discussion into the public discourse. This is a topic which is not so readily delved into.
I don’t claim to have all the answers or that my world view is without flaws. I just want to encourage genuine skepticism, inquiry and discussion when it comes to important issues.

I believe that no opinions or beliefs are beyond criticism, no matter how sacred they may be.

I can handle having my views scrutinised and challenged. In fact, I welcome it.

To purchase a hard copy of ‘An Atheist Album’ please click here

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  2. Hey, Shelley. I’m a proud atheist and I think what you’re doing is very brave. I love your song Saved and thing the lyrics are fantastic. I’m also a newbie guitarist and I’m emailing you to see if you could send me the chords to the song. It would be the first song I’ve ever taught myself to play and I can’t think of a better tune to kick off my new hobby with. :)

    (I don’t know a lot of chords yet but if you tell me what they are I’ll learn them. If I had a piano I could figure it out by ear but I recently moved and I don’t have it with me).

    Rock on, girl. :D


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  6. Hi… I heard of you first time, listening to Ardent Atheist this evening…. Just bought “An Atheist Album” from amazon. So far, sounds awesome…. thanks

  7. Hi, heard your single ‘Saved’ on Ask an Atheist podcast. I’m in melbourne too and I enjoy your music. Fantastic lyrics. Any plans to play in Melbourne?

    • Hi Phillip.
      A fellow Melbournite! Very cool :)
      Yes I play in Melbourne HEAPS! SO there will be many opportunities.
      The next show will be when I am back, May 30th at Embiggen books! I’m very excited.
      Will put the details online in the next few days. Hope to catch you sometime

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  9. Last night I saw you perform at the PA Atheist/Humanist convention in Philly, and you blew me away! I especially liked Stuck in the Memory. I wanted to order your An Atheist Album CD (yeah, I’m old-fashioned) on Amazon, but it says “Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” I suspect some sort of sabotage – do you? Anyway, I can order from your website, so Amazon can go @#$% itself!

  10. Ohhh… never mind the BUY button, which for some reason I didn’t notice where it’s located in plain view – guess I thought it would be at the top of the page somewhere.

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