“Enchanting, knowing croon … with brilliant pop melodies”        -Beat Magazine

“Shelley’s vocals are something else”                                              -DJ Carl Cox

“Mecurial voice and eclectic sound”                                                 -The Brag
Shelley’s third studio album, ‘An Easy Escape’ brings a cool indie-folk vibe to her Beach_shoot (10 of 21) musings. The album was recorded at Britannia Row studios (Pink Floyd’s old studio) in London and was produced by Tom Nichols (All Saints, Kylie, Celine Dion, Tina Arena).

Lead single ‘Morocco,’ a travelling song that includes depictions of poverty, drugs and sexual inequality is already making waves with over 55,000 views and a heated response in the national and international press. Segal’s fierce yet emotive voice sings with an almost prescient, ‘Find your own way and be happy,’ a mantra to keep pushing forward despite criticisms and controversy.
Segal grew up in a musical household. She began singing at the age of three, then writing and performing at eleven. Joining her father’s Jewish wedding band early on provided her with an ease and enjoyment performing and writing across a broad range of styles including pop, folk, jazz, blues, rock and reggae. Intimate, story-telling and biographical lyrics are what unifies Segal’s song-writing across genres.
Shelley accompanies herself on guitar and has been performing her original music around Melbourne and internationally for the last twelve years. In 2009 she recorded her first EP with acclaimed producer Josh Abrahams at Fishtank Studios.
In 2010, Segal completed a Bachelor of Applied Music from the Box Hill Institute of Tafe. The same year she also wrote and recorded a song with world-renowned DJ Carl Cox. The track, ‘Chemistry’ was a drum and bass single from his latest album ‘All Roads Lead To The Dance Floor.’ Segal has performed to crowds with Cox at Stereosonic festival and at Melbourne’s iconic Billboard. In November 2011 an award winning remix of ‘Chemistry’ spent two weeks at number one on the Beatport techno charts.
2012 saw the release of her forthright, ‘An Atheist Album’ highlighting her versatility as a singer and song writer. The folk-pop protest record embodies Segal’s thoughts on religion and quickly made her “a new pin-up girl for the international atheist movement.” (Barny Zwartz -The Age)

Last year Segal teamed up with talented US guitarist Adam Levy (Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Ani Difranco) to create ‘Little March,’ an enchanting and delicate collection of jazzy, bluesy folk tunes. Produced by grammy award-winning S. Husky Hoskulds, ‘Little March’ is intimate and reflective, combining both artists’ genuine song writing with Adam’s stunning, mellow guitar playing and Shelley’s captivating voice. The two enjoyed a successful Australian tour last July, with sold out shows at Melbourne’s premier jazz venue, Bennett’s lane.

Her influences include strong story tellers such as Alanis Morisette and Ani Difranco as well as stunning voices like Jewel and the virtuosic Katie Noonan.

Next year Shelley will be releasing her fifth recording, an EP with local producer Robert Upward recorded at Birdland Studios

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2014 ‘An Easy Escape’

2013 ‘Little March’ with Adam Levy

2012 ‘Run’ with Tara Palmer Tomkinson

2011 ‘An Atheist Album’

2011 ‘Chemistry’ with Carl Cox

2009 ‘Shelley Segal EP’

Your Comments

  1. Hi Shelley. Just listened to the newest episode of Ardent Atheist on my iPhone. You were great on there! I’m sold on your new album too! Where can I get a copy (I’m from Melbourne)!
    Sad to say I’d never known of your amazing talent as a singer/songwriter until I listened to Ardent Atheist. Being a fellow atheist I’m so proud that not only are you speaking (and singing) for us but that you’re also from Melbourne!
    Anyway, keep up the brilliant work and just wanted to let you know you have a new fan!

  2. Hey, it’s been several months, but I wanted to let you know I caught your act at the Florida Secular Rally in Tallahassee and thought you were brilliant. Keep up the awesome work.

    • Hey :)
      Thanks heaps Seth!
      So niceof you to take the time to say so.
      That was a really awesome rally. I love Tallahassee and hope to be back soon.
      All the best x

  3. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs, knowing there are many out there who will criticize you! You are an inspiration to many who will keep their beliefs to themselves just to please others.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome!

  4. hi shelly! greetings from the rocky mountains (denver, colorado, usa)! i love your music AND I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR! i am an old midnight iol and split enz fan. i know, my sons are older than you. but i love your music. your talent. AND YOU GET IT! i want the full version of the I.C.P. SONG. i have to listen to it over and over because it is so funny.i think it’s time for an atheist tour! i will be happy to harrass tim minchin and others to go for it. but you will need to visit places like colorado as thje morons are trying to take us back to the iron age as we speak. thank you for having the guts to say what you feel. i look forward to your next work. please keep visiting our friends on podcasts. would you do a duet with the evil lil’ thing? love ya!

    • Hi C.D :)
      Thanks for your lovely comment <3
      So glad that you are enjoying the music and thanks for taking the time to say so.
      I’ve been in Colorado, played in CS and Denver and loved it! Hoping to come back.
      Though the altitude sure does a number on my lungs.
      Best wishes
      Shelley :)

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