Christopher Hitchens

Today marks a year since author and journalist Christopher Hitchens died. I miss him.

It’s amazing that someone you’ve never met can have such an impact on your life.

His words encouraged and helped me through the process of becoming a critical thinker (or at least beginning to be) and to become involved in secular activism. I know he has helped many others. He is an incredible example of having the courage to stand up and for what one believes, even with a very unpopular opinion. It’s lovely that his words will live on through countless videos, articles and books. Still the world is a dimmer place without his inimitabe style, seemingly endless knowledge, wit and chutzpah :) Even during his illness he remained an inspiration,

He had a fierce intellect to which my words can’t do justice. The best I can do is the song I wrote for him from ‘An Atheist Album.’ Some of the ideas and perpectives I heard from Hitchens inspired me to paint this picture of human meaning and purpose, in the face of a purposeless existence in an uncaring universe. He pushed this idea even further with his moving example of dignity and strength in the face of inescapable mortality.

Apocalyptic Love Song (Live and Recorded)

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  1. Thank you so much. I listened to Apocalyptic Love Song, which gave me goosebumps, then listened to The Dad Song which brought me to tears. You have an amazing voice, and your artistic style bleeds through your music. Keep doing what you do. Thanks again, and take care.

  2. You’re not alone in missing this unapologetic anti-theist firebrand. Dawkins, Dennett and Harris contribute a great deal, but there’s a passion only Hitchens was capable of bringing to the table. Must drink a toast to his too early return to the stardust from whence he sprang.

  3. Shelley……in the same manner that Hitchens inspired you. you too are inspiring others. Your voice is critical to the secularist movement. And, of course, the songs are just fun to listen to. Thank you.

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