Songs From Strange Feeling



This track was written after a romantic liaison where the other person told me they would like me to change the way that I looked for them. We often hear that 'it's what's on the [...]


Songs From Little March


Hurry Back

Lyrics All that's left is a guitar pick you used to practice with And I've been playing till my fingers are sore I found it in the pocket of your big blue sweater The one [...]


Lyrics I'm not supposed to like you but I do Or maybe it's just trouble that I'm attracted to I'm not supposed to like you but I do A voice of reason calls to me [...]

My Word

For Andrew Lyrics My word, my word, my word I give you my word On it you can build your dreams I give you my word Sewn back together at the seams I give you [...]

The Slipper Room

Lyrics I heard they closed down the Slipper Room That's where I used to watch her dance Just a shit hole club in the neighbourhood But it was ours, it was ours Yeah when the [...]

Wiggle Room

Lyrics You think you got me all worked out You think that i cant do without your love You think you got me wrapped around Your little finger holds me to the ground But there's [...]

Little March

This track is about the Mărțișor, a Romanian festival translating into 'Little March.' Red and white trinkets are given out on the 1st of March marking the beginning of Spring. Lyrics Little March is here [...]

Stuck in the Memory

Lyrics We said our goodbyes a season ago Now the leaves are turning to red and gold Catch a glimpse of my shadow Where there used to be two And i'm stuck in the memory [...]

Glad You Asked

Lyrics Yes I've had a hell of a day Maybe you could see I didn't know that I was wearing My heart out on my sleeve Troubles upon troubles Stacked up high to build a [...]


Songs From An Atheist Album



Afterlife deals with many issues arising from religious beliefs regarding an afterlife. These include the belief in the coming or returning of the messiah, the belief in an immortal soul and the belief in heaven. [...]

House With No Walls

This song is written to a close friend of mine who has a world-view I can imagine is shared by many. My friend chooses to believe in a specific god that is involved in our [...]


'Gratitude' makes the point that you do not need to be religious to appreciate and be grateful for the life you have. In the face of dissatisfaction, fear, loneliness and the rest of life's hardships [...]


Saved is probably most critical song on the album. It is my direct response to the often flouted claim that I am needing salvation and if I refuse, must face the punishment of hell. This [...]

I Don’t Believe In Fairies

This song is a strong statement of my beliefs regarding mythology; I do not believe in the supernatural. Even though it is impossible to disprove all these mythological creatures, there is no evidence for their [...]


A few years ago I saw a youtube clip that really stuck in my mind. It was of a christian woman explaining to other women why they must submit to their husbands, based on scripture. [...]

Apocalyptic Love Song

This song is dedicated to a hero of mine; Christopher Hitchens. I was inspired by the picture he eloquently paints; of a cold, unaffected, universe that by it's own nature, will lead to our destruction. [...]


Songs From The Shelley Segal EP


My Mouth

My Mouth was written in 2006 Lyrics I'm so unbelievably angry It's an old line but, 'How could you do this to me?' For 2 years we were as close as friends and family And [...]

Track 47

Track 47 was written in 2002. lyrics How is fair that you don't care enough to see if I'm ok? How is fair that you don't care enough to say sorry? But I won't despair [...]

Leigh’s Song

A happy in love song about Leigh :) Leigh's Song was written in 2008 Lyrics Sometimes I am even asking myself, 'Are we? Are we really allowed to do this? Are we really allowed to [...]

Leaving Tomorrow

I wrote this tune the night before I headed off on a year long back packing trip in 2007. Lyrics I'm leaving tomorrow haven't you heard But I'm still waiting to hear a word from [...]


This was the first track of mine that I was really happy with. Holes was written in 2002 Lyrics I have holes in me and if you look carefully enough you'll see my scars They [...]

Answering Machine

This track was written after the end of my first relationship. It depicts all the little memories and images I have of that time, I wanted to keep it as a message on my answering [...]