London Secular Conference

I am honoured to be performing at the upcoming International Conference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism. The conference will be held in London Nov 25th. You can buy tickets and see who will be speaking here:

The logo for the London Secular Conference. A woman on a podium holding a white flag next to the words Sharia, Segregation and Secularism





New Patreon Post – Background Noises Live, Christmas Song and Thinking Atheist Podcasts

I had the absolute honour of being a part of The Thinking Atheist's 300th Podcast Celebration in Dallas last month and now again for his 'Christmas Music By Secular Artists' episode, released December 13. On [...]

$64,000 for Camp Quest!!!

This year as part of their annual Braodcast-a-thon Dogma Debate raised over $64,000 during their 24 hours of interviews. It was an incredible effort. They raised the money this year for Camp Quest A Summer [...]

I’ve joined PATREON!!!

I've joined PATREON!!!! You can now become a monthly subscriber to receive all of my music. A subscription model is fantastic way to support the music and musicians that you love. I currently release a [...]