Australian film maker/writer Ted Janet decided that he was going to make a graphic novel about Balaclava Junction, an intersection in the heart of the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield, where he (and I) grew up. I was very excited when he asked me if my story could be a part of it.

The Australian Comics Journal writes:

Balaclava Junction is an Australian comic book anthology from grumpy screenwriter Ted Janet and illustrator Edward Rocha

The book aims to intimately portray the culture and identity of its titular suburb, famous for being the centre of Melbourne’s Jewish community. It combines a graphic telling of local history with biographies of noted residents such as singer-songwriter Shelley Segal, whose ‘An Atheist Album’ took unbelievers by storm, and Raphael Aron, author of five books including Cults: Too Good to be True (Harper Collins 1999) and Cults. Terror and Mind Control (Bay Tree 2009).

“It’s a holistic look at a community”, says writer Ted Janet, “we wanted to show people who came up in the same place but to entirely disparate views about the world.
“Our lives share common themes despite our differences.”

Balaclava Junction asks us to reimagine our familiar avenues, schoolyards, and hangouts, as landmarks, brimming with story, mystery, and philosophy’.


Sooooooo, I get to be a COMIC BOOK CHARACTER!!!!!

A comic version of me

I am really excited to be a part of this. Ted is raising money to fund the project through presales of the book. He is crowd-funding the project through indigogo. There are also other options for pledges, such as a spot as a ‘extra’ in the book, or a musical thank you.

If you would like to get a copy of ‘Balaclava Junction,’ (including me and my story in comic book form) you can pre-buy the book or support the project with a pledge here: Balaclava Junction

Here is a short promo clip for the project.

Also, Ted and I had a chat with Jack Scanlan on the Young Australian Skeptics Podcast about the project and other ramblings -and a song!! (Listen Here)

See you on the page 🙂

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