Americana Highways Premieres BLOOD

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Thanks heaps to Americana Highways  for sharing "Blood” "Blood takes pace over urgent dark rhythms, as it asks fundamental questions: “how can something that flows through our veins be used to divide?”  The music guides your heartbeat as it demonstrates the unifying humanity underneath perceived divisions. “Blood” forces us to question what we are basing our [...]

London Secular Conference

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This November I had the absolute honour of being part of the London Secular Conference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism. With mostly female speakers - activists from around the globe I was inspired to write a brand new song from the speakers words and sentiments. This is the song I wrote and performed for the [...]

The Badass Podcast

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In Dec last year I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend Taylor Alexander for his music show - The Badass Podcast. Taylor features local artists and discusses their art and practice with them as well as general discussions about music and the industry We chat about moving to LA, cultural differences, travelling, [...]

The Difference Between

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Feeling passive and hopeless in response to a particularly sad world news day, I wrote and recorded this song. I created the video at home and had it up the next day. I really enjoyed this process of responding to the world in real time and being able to share my response so quickly. I [...]

LogiCAL – LA conference

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This Sunday night I will be performing alongside Dan Barker and Roy Zimmerman for the LogiCAL - LA skepticism conference. From the conference website: In support of the scientific skeptic movement, LogiCalLA creates a place for critical thinkers to meet face-to-face and to experience presentations from nationally recognized speakers who will share their knowledge and [...]

2016 Annual Xmas Song

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It's becoming a tradition :) This is my 2016 Xmas/Holiday Song. Recorded and filmed at home. This is my first year living away from home and the sentiment of this beautiful song really resonated with me. Wishing you all the best for the holidays and new year and whether it is a sad or happy time [...]

New Patreon Post – Background Noises Live, Christmas Song and Thinking Atheist Podcasts

By |2019-03-29T01:00:11+11:00December 15th, 2016|Shelley's Blog|

I had the absolute honour of being a part of The Thinking Atheist's 300th Podcast Celebration in Dallas last month and now again for his 'Christmas Music By Secular Artists' episode, released December 13. On the show I share a recorded version of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' made in my home studio. Listen to [...]

$64,000 for Camp Quest!!!

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This year as part of their annual Braodcast-a-thon Dogma Debate raised over $64,000 during their 24 hours of interviews. It was an incredible effort. They raised the money this year for Camp Quest A Summer Camp for freethinking kids that provides an educational adventure shaped by fun, friends and freethought, featuring science, natural wonder and [...]