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Afterlife deals with many issues arising from religious beliefs regarding an afterlife. These include the belief in the coming or returning of the messiah, the belief in an immortal soul and the belief in heaven. At the end of the day there is no evidence for any of these claims and while they may provide [...]

House With No Walls

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This song is written to a close friend of mine who has a world-view I can imagine is shared by many. My friend chooses to believe in a specific god that is involved in our lives. He picks and chooses the laws that he follows. He doesn't wholly believe in the religious tradition he was [...]


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'Gratitude' makes the point that you do not need to be religious to appreciate and be grateful for the life you have. In the face of dissatisfaction, fear, loneliness and the rest of life's hardships it is possible to be overwhelmed with gratitude and awe for existence without the perceived comforts of believing in a [...]


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Saved is probably most critical song on the album. It is my direct response to the often flouted claim that I am needing salvation and if I refuse, must face the punishment of hell. This song also challenges the blindly accepted belief in the divine origins of a particular religion's dogma and it's supposed moral [...]

I Don’t Believe In Fairies

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This song is a strong statement of my beliefs regarding mythology; I do not believe in the supernatural. Even though it is impossible to disprove all these mythological creatures, there is no evidence for their existence and therefore I do not believe. I also make the point that because I don't believe in these otherworldly [...]


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A few years ago I saw a youtube clip that really stuck in my mind. It was of a christian woman explaining to other women why they must submit to their husbands, based on scripture. This video really disturbed me. Here was an articulate, clearly intelligent and strong woman using her talents to keep other [...]

Apocalyptic Love Song

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This song is dedicated to a hero of mine; Christopher Hitchens. I was inspired by the picture he eloquently paints; of a cold, unaffected, universe that by it's own nature, will lead to our destruction. This world-view highlights our insignificance and draws attention to the irrationality of our heightened sense of self-importance. I like to [...]