I Don’t Believe In Fairies

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This song is a strong statement of my beliefs regarding mythology; I do not believe in the supernatural. Even though it is impossible to disprove all these mythological creatures, there is no evidence for their existence and therefore I do not believe. I also make the point that because I don't believe in these otherworldly [...]


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A few years ago I saw a youtube clip that really stuck in my mind. It was of a christian woman explaining to other women why they must submit to their husbands, based on scripture. This video really disturbed me. Here was an articulate, clearly intelligent and strong woman using her talents to keep other [...]

Apocalyptic Love Song

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This song is dedicated to a hero of mine; Christopher Hitchens. I was inspired by the picture he eloquently paints; of a cold, unaffected, universe that by it's own nature, will lead to our destruction. This world-view highlights our insignificance and draws attention to the irrationality of our heightened sense of self-importance. I like to [...]