I’m very happy and excited to share with you all my new record, ‘Little March’
Little March is a jazzy/bluesy collaboration between myself and Adam Levy (Link Here)

The cover art for 'Little March'. It's a picture of Adam and I both with our guitars.

‘Little March’ cover
Photos by Maurice Rinaldi
Cover design by Ben Cunningham

Adam is an incredible guitarist and singer song-writer. He’s also the loveliest guy ever and I so enjoyed our time together writing this album. Adam has worked with Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman and my favourite artist in the world, Ani Difranco! I was very lucky to get to work with him. Thanks goes out to Tom Nichols (producer of ‘An Atheist Album‘) for introducing us. I highly recommend that you have a listen to Adam’s solo stuff. It’s really lovely. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I really love ‘A Promise to California’ (Link Here)
And ‘Got My Joy’: (Link Here)

We wrote the album in New York and recorded it in Los Angeles, December 2012.
The record was produced by the awesomely talented, grammy award winning S. Husky Höskulds. (Link Here) at his downtown LA oasis, Groundlift Studios.  We had such a lovely time making the record together, relaxed fun, lots of laughs, coffees and meals together. It really added to the feel of the record.

We were lucky enough to have bass player extraodinaire, Kaveh Rastegar join us on the double bass for half the album. (Link Here) It was such a treat getting to jam with Kaveh and also getting to hang out with him in Melbourne last week when he came with his explosive band Kneebody (Link Here) for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Another thing that made this record very special to me was having my father, Danny Segal playing the violin with us on the title track. While we have been playing together most of my life, this is our first proper recording together. Playing music with him is one of my favourite things and It means the world to have it forever on this album that I love and am so proud of.

Me with Adam Levy and my father DAnny SEgal, holding our instruments

Photo by Maurice Rinaldi

You can listen to the album for free and/or buy it here on Bandcamp:

You can buy a hard copy of the album directly from here:

It’s also available on Amazon (Link Here) and Itunes (Link Here)

Really hope you enjoy it!