My Mouth was written in 2006
I’m so unbelievably angry
It’s an old line but, ‘How could you do this to me?’
For 2 years we were as close as friends and family
And then randomly you decide to leave

It seems like it’s not enough for you just to break my heart
You also wanna break my spirit
Keep playing these stupid games like I’m still in it with a chance to win you back

And see I thought you were different from all the rest
But now I see that it was only that you were the best so far
Not such a proud title to possess thus far, might I add.

See just like them you’ve turned something meaningful
Into something shit
But you still hold my hand and play with my hair
But you won’t kiss my mouth
It’s like you’re scared of it

Is there something wrong with my mouth?
Yeah, yeah wrong with my mouth?

And tumbling from my lips are melodies of my truths
I won’t hold back from you
I’m saying what I have to say if only to
Get this out of my heart to some other place on this page

You’re right to be afraid, I should probably come with a warning
To heal my sores through these songs
My mouth is gonna have to document this pain you have caused

See I can hold my tongue back from causing pain or abuse
If I feel there is no use
But I gotta say It’s time to be a man and stick with what you planned
Don’t wanna hear later that you regret what you’ll lose
That won’t be an excuse

Coz if it’s not my words you’re afraid of, but my love, then you are a fool
Though the taste of you may linger on my lips and my teeth
I can’t wait for you forever

Is there something wrong with my mouth?
Yeah, yeah wrong with my mouth?

Tumbling from your lips are words that are
Pushing away everyone that you love
Pushing away every single thing that you love

Coz you’re scared that one day it will all get old
But we all get old one day
Maybe one day when you’re older
You’d wish you’d done things in a different way

Coz you write things up to experience
I write them down with love
A tale by a guitar string pulls my heart strings
In a way I’m not afraid of

When a song a starts to mean something
You’ll say it’s been overplayed
But you are just afraid
You are just afraid

Is there something wrong with my mouth?
Yeah, yeah wrong with my mouth?


from Shelley Segal EP, released 01 June 2009
Guitar: Daniel Ruggiero
Bass: Kristoff Lajoie
Drums: Darren Seknow
Recorded and produced by Josh Abrahams at Fishtank Studios