I have some cool news! I am in LA and I am making a new album 🙂
It is a collaboration with the wonderful, super-talented and lovely Adam Levy

Adam is an (incredible) accomplished guitarist, singer and song writer and has played and toured with Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman and ANI DIFRANCO (!!!!)

In the studio 🙂

Last year, Adam and I wrote some songs together and we have finally decided to (and had time to) record them. The album will be a collection of bluesy jazzy and folksy numbers, with both Adam and I singing and playing guitar.
The album will be ready soon and I am very excited to share it with you.
Here is one of the tracks that will be on the album: My Word

We are recording the album in downtown LA in an awesome loft at GroundLift Studios with the very talented and amazing S. Husky Hoskulds. Husky is a grammy award winning engineer who has worked with Fiona Apple, Mike Patton, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow and ANI DIFRANCO (heck yeah!!) and is also a really funny and warm guy to be around. So I couldn’t happier with the people that I am working with and that is making this record all the more special 🙂

Will keep you posted xx