I was recently a guest on the Non Theology Podcast with Gabe and Erik. I was at Gabe’s place in Boston for the recording and we went out for a lovely lunch afterwards. It was fun! I enjoyed the discssion and having Gabe’s cat attack my dreadlocks! 🙂
The episode was recorded on the 4th of October 2012

We discussed:
Wendys and donuts
My music
How to talk about Atheism
How I look like Tim Minchin
Meeting famous atheists
I sang my song ‘My morality’
followed by a discussion about morality

EP 16 Shelley Segal rocks the studio

Here are the hosts in their own words:

Gabe: media director, lead chef. Gabe is a war mongering Benjamin Franklin lookalike. Superstitious and proud of it; he always wears his lucky power glove when recording.

Erik: communications director, eye candy. Erik is half brazen sea pirate, half bi-curious speed reader. He will turn your wife into a pillar of salt if she looks back. “Eyes on the prize” is what Erik always says.

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