For those of you who don’t know Dan Fincke, here is a little about him taken from his patheos philosophy blog: Camels with Hammers

Picture of Dan Finke
Dan Fincke (pronounced “fiŋkə”; i.e. pronounce the “e” in “Fincke” as you should pronounce the “e” in “Nietzsche”; i.e., like the “a” in “sofa”) has his PhD in philosophy from Fordham University and is an adjunct assistant philosophy professor at Hofstra University and an adjunct philosophy professor at City College of New York (CUNY). Dan is an APPA (American Philosophical Practitioners Association) certified philosophical counselor and he teaches affordable, non-matriculated, video-conferencing philosophy classes on ethics, Nietzsche, historical philosophy, and philosophy for atheists that anyone around the world can sign up for.

I first learnt of Dan when he shared my music on his blog in 2011. Since then we stayed in touch and I even did an interview for his blogathon (see here)

This year I read about Dan’s philosophy classes and I decided to give it a try. I have to say that it very quickly became the best part of my week. It was such a privilege to have Dan and his wisdom right on my own computer screen 🙂

The topics we discussed were stimulating and fullfilling. We could ask questions and it felt like a conversation as much as a class. If you have any desire to learn about philosophy, for a way to keep expanding and growing your mind even with a busy week of work, I can’t recommend his classes enough. His class always made me feel challenged, inspired and ready to face the rest of the week.

I took the ‘Philosophy for Atheists’ class. It helped me to better understand the philosophy behind the beliefs I used to hold and the values that I hold now. I hope you get a chance to experience his classes and if you can’t, you can always read his blog

List of classes here