I am co-ordinating a song competition with One Law for All and we are looking for entries….

One Law for All is inviting musicians and songwriters to create and submit their original material for a song competition.

‘Change comes about by breaking taboos and pushing aside that which is deemed sacred and art is such an important way of doing this’ –Maryam Namazie, Spokesperson of One Law for All

Song entries should be focused on issues that relate to the work ‘One Law for All’ is engaged with, discussing themes like religion, freedom, secularism, Sharia law, equal rights & religious arbitration.

Submissions must include a recording of the song and a lyric sheet sent either by email to soundsoffreedommusic@gmail.com or as physical CD to:

BM Box2387
United Kingdom

Entrants may enter as many songs as they wish. The judges for the competition will be myself and Deeyah, with more judges to be announced later. Judging will not be based on the quality of the recording but it needs to be audible.

A concert showcasing the entrants will be held on October 11th 2014 during the One Law for All ‘Religious Right, Secularism & Civil rights Conference’ in London, UK

The final date for submissions is September March 31st 2014

We look forward to hearing your entries.

Warm Regards,
Shelley Segal
Sounds of Freedom Coordinator