We said our goodbyes a season ago
Now the leaves are turning to red and gold
Catch a glimpse of my shadow
Where there used to be two
And i’m stuck in the memory of you

I go out for a drive and a bit of fresh air
Turn the radio on and our song is there
Playing soft and low
Like it used to do
And I’m stuck in the memory of you

Cut off all my hair
Got a brand new style
Got a new dress to wear
And i put on a smile
I go out dancing
With my best girlfriends
But where do i turn
When the music ends?

We said our goodbyes and the years have rolled on
I’ve met other guys but they’ve come and gone
How I wish my poor arms could hold somebody new
But I’m stuck in the memory of you


from Little March, released 01 March 2013
Written by Adam Levy & Shelley Segal
Guitar: Shelley Segal
Guitar: Adam Levy
Double bass: Kaveh Rastegar
Vocals: Shelley Segal
Produced by S. Husky Höskulds at Groundlift Studio
Released by True Music 2013