“Enchanting, knowing croon … with brilliant pop melodies”
Beat Magazine
“Shelley’s vocals are something else”
DJ Carl Cox
“Mecurial voice and eclectic sound”
The Brag
“Shelley’s songs challenge prescriptive notions without threatening”
Tim Whale, Indie Bands Blogs
“Jazzy gems and soulful stories…a joy to see live”
Lou Endicott, It’s My Kind Of Scene
“Truly an artist with international flair”
AU Review
“A pin-up girl for the international atheist movement”
Barney Zwartz, The Age
“Creating a ripple effect with her melodic vocals, heartfelt passion and thought provoking lyrics”
Leona Devaz, Weekend Notes
“Bespoke songs that traverse jazz, folk and blues with tender affection and great artistry”
It’s Only Rock & Roll

Indie folk artist Shelley Segal uses her music to create the world she wants to see.
To reflect, challenge, comfort and inspire herself and her audience

The rootsy singer songwriter and guitarist is a seasoned tour warrior, honing her live show at bars, clubs, festivals and lounge rooms across Australia, UK and North America over the last 5 years

“One of a newer breed of Melbourne folk acts mixing traditional sounds
with jazz and pop for a unique and broadly appealing result” -Beat Magazine

Shelley grew up in Melbourne, Australia, in a religious community. As young adult she questioned her Jewish tradition with it’s strict rules and rituals which separated men and women.
Through her music, Shelley has become a staunch human rights advocate which grew out of her anger with those strict rules and regulations that especially affect women and those who want to live on their own terms
 “Who is the Holy Man and what does he believe? That we must cover up our bodies, we must show humility.  I believe my body is beautiful and it belongs to me” -Shelley Segal in ‘Holy Man’ 

Shelley’s songs relate to her journey, discussing issues of religious freedom, tribalism, and women’s issues of rape culture and inclusion over mercurial vocals, spirited and soaring one moment and the next, bottomless; growling out lyrics that poke and prod and never leave

Her upcoming EP will be out 2018 through her Patreon.


2018 ‘Forms’

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2017 ‘Begin Again’

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2015 ‘Strange Feeling’

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2014 ‘An Easy Escape’

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2013 ‘Little March’ with Adam Levy

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2011 ‘An Atheist Album’

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2011 ‘Chemistry’ with Carl Cox

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2009 ‘Shelley Segal EP’

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