Semi Finalist in the
International Songwriting Competition

I’m very proud to have two songs placed as semi finalists in the International Songwriting Competition.

The first is my song, Holy Man (From my release HOLY)
Co-written with Askold Buk
The second is Don’t Stop Calling with pop Chanteuse Lia Hail
Co-written with Lia and Kevin Anyaeji

A black and white photo of Shelley, looking up. She's wearing a flowy flower patterned dress, next to a logo of the international songwriting competition, for which she is a semi finalist







London Secular Conference

This November I had the absolute honour of being part of the London Secular Conference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism. With mostly female speakers - activists from around the globe I was inspired to write [...]

Nashville: Americanafest

Nashville: Americanafest I am currently in Nashville for Americanafest! Here I am recording in the the SPIRE van. You can listen to the recording by becoming my subscriber at