‘Gratitude’ makes the point that you do not need to be religious to appreciate and be grateful for the life you have. In the face of dissatisfaction, fear, loneliness and the rest of life’s hardships it is possible to be overwhelmed with gratitude and awe for existence without the perceived comforts of believing in a caring creator or everlasting life.

Song Lyrics

Life can be hard, things can get rough
Stay on your guard and protect the good stuff
Sometimes we all feel like we’ve had enough

Don’t wanna spend my short time feeling down
Or go through my days getting used to a frown
So I will express my anger where credit is due
But it wont take away from my gratitude

There’s nowhere to hide when you live in a cage
You feel young inside but on the outside you age
Everyone lied when they told you there’s the next stage

Coz one day my memories will all be gone
Not a single one of all whom I love will go on
I’m afraid of the end yeah I don’t want it all to
But it won’t take away from my gratitude

When the world is on fire, down come the rains
Truth and desire, help us overcome our pains
But when we take it higher only mystery remains

And it’s almost too good to be real
And while it’s hard to define the transcendence we feel
I don’t believe in a great power to say thank you to
But it won’t take away from my gratitude

After the rain has washed everything away
Here comes the rainbow to brighten up your day
And contrast with the grey

Confusion runs deep and it’s hard to know what’s right
Sometimes you can’t sleep and you get lonely at night
But you decide what you keep and the morning brings a new light

I’d rather find out what’s real than deny
The truth may be hard but it’s better than living a lie
So before disaster strikes and everything I’ve built comes unglued
I’ll be revelling and dancing in my gratitude